Saturday, November 15, 2008

My First Give Away


I am so excited to have this new blog site, so to start it off, I am going to be having a give away. What you may ask am I giving away? Well let me tell you my friend. I will give to the winner a set of my favorite measuring cups, the metal kind that seem to last forever and not get destroyed like every other set I have owned! And!.... a 1/2 Cup of cinnamon that I bought in an Amish store. What is so special about Amish cinnamon? Well.. it says 4 1/2% I'm not really sure what that means, but it is the best tasting cinnamon I have ever had, and you can use about half of the amount you need because it seems to be stronger than the junk you normally buy in stores.
Here is how you enter to win...and trust me this is painless. Vote in the poll on the right there, then leave a comment and let me know what your choice is. That is one vote.
Mention this in your blog and make a link to this blog and you will get another two entries.
Become a follower and that will be another entry. Easy huh???
Since this is a blog is brand new, and doesn't have any followers yet, I will give it until December 10th for the deadline. That should still give you plenty of time to try out your new cinnamon in your Christmas cookies. YUM YUM
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Belle said...

I LOVE peanut butter cookies, but I dont have them often. They are even better with chocolate chips! This is such a fun giveaway! Yay to new blogs

Gigi said...

I voted for Chocolate Chip and Mexican Wedding Cookies! I remember my mom making the wedding cookies about a month before Christmas and storing them in powdered sugar. After they had aged they were SO delicious that when we finally got to eat them they were gone way too quickly! Yum!

I think you're an amazing cook Nicole. Here's to your new blog!

Codi said...

Ok, i voted, my fav is chocolate chip cookies, really oatmeal choc chip, but that wasn't an option, and choc wins, hands down. and those look like some nice measuring cups youve got there, much better than the plastic ones i have. I will also post about this on my blog, deathbydenim, and you are already entered in my give away, woo!

I like your blog.

Nicole said...

Codi, I too love oatmeal with choc chips, they are the bomb.
Gigi, I did not know that you can make mexican wedding cookies so far in advance and store them in P. sugar. thanks for the tip, I will try that.

Miss Anne said...

I voted for Sugar Cookies... just love to make them! I think it's because they are so versatile!

How did you know that I needed measuring cups?!?!? and I love those!

The Amish cinnamon has me intrigued! :)

I'm adding your giveaway to my bloglist! :)

Pat's Tuesday said...

Here's to your new blog, I thing I am going to try the BakedParmesam Chicken. As for the cookies my favorite would be chocolate chip and I would love to have some metal measuring cups and the Amish Cinnamon.

Ginny said...

I voted chocolate chip

Ginny said...

I'm following your blog

SarahB said...

Chocolate chip is definitely my favorite!

Kathy said...

I voted for Oatmeal but when I bake Oatmeal cookies I do add some choc chips - maybe that's cheating?

Those measuring cups look fabulous - I'm using an old set of plastic ones.

Sunnymommie said...

I love cinnamon cookie. they are yummy!